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Computer Science
Michelle Craig

Classeshave methods can called methods on objectsUsing Ojects o You have used many kinds of objects that are built in Python int str list total0 create a new int objectEx namePriyacreate a new str object o And others that are part of modules you had to import such as mediaimport miedapmediagetpixelpic 3 92returns a pixel objectDefining new types of objects o Consider a calendar program One of the basic things youd need to keep track of is events o What should we keep track of for a single event o We could define individual variables for each of these but wed need to do that for every event Messy o Or we could define a new type of object to bundle these together o We have int str dict list ect Now we can have EventClass event 1 class Eventobject2 passe1Eventassigns e1 as an objecte1mainEvent object at 12314123e2Eventanother evente1name108 Lecturee1start9e1end 10print e1start 9print e1end 10print e1mainEvent object at 1251234123dire1 bult in methods end name
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