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october 12 notes

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Computer Science
Michelle Craig

 Given the variables name1 and name2, write a fragment of code that assigns the larger of their associated values to first. >>> first = max(one, two)  Test covers readings, lecture, lab, assignment  “top-level” code o code that isn’t inside a function definition or guarded by an “if _ _name_ _ == ‘_ _main_ _’:” condition  while loops 1. while : 2. 3. [statement after]  how they work o general format 1. while expression: 2. statements o sounds like; while the expression is true, execute the statements o but really means: if the expression is true, execute the statements one [more] time. Then go back and consider doing it all again o the difference: if the expression becomes false during the statements, it still completes all of them  it doesn’t stop the loop immediately  ex. 1. n = 3 2. while (n > 0): 3. if n % 5 == 0: 4. n = -99 5. print n 6. n = n + 1 7. print „all done‟ output: 3 # go through the first time 4 # go through the second time, n + 1 -99 # go through the third time, n reassigned from 5 to -99 all done #go through the fourth time, n reassigned from -99 to -98  ex. 1. def yes_no_answer(prompt): 2. „‟‟use string prompt to ask the user for a yes/no answer. Continue until 3. they give a valid response. Return True iff the answer was “yes”.‟‟‟ 4. 5.
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