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Computer Science
Paul Gries

Tree  A tree has a set of nodes and a set of edges that connect the nodes  properties: o Each node has exactly one parent. Except the root, which has none o There is a path from the root to every node o There are no cycles: no paths that form loops  Definitions: o Leaf: a node with no children o Internal node: a node that is neither a leaf nor the root o Siblings: nodes with the same parent o Subtree: the tree formed from a node together with all its descendants and the edges among them o Branching factor: the maximum number of children for any node o Path: a sequence of nodes. If m1 is the parent of m2, m2 is the parent of m3, …, and mk-1 is the parent of mk, then the sequence of nodes m1, m2, …, mk is a path in the tree  The length of such a path is k, i.e. the number of nodes on the path o Height of a tree: the length of the longest path from the root to a leaf o Depth of a node: the number of edges on the path from the root to that n
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