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Abstract Data Types (ADTs) • Abstract – existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence • Data - the quantities, characters, or symbols on which operations are performed by a computer • Type - a category of people or things having common characteristics • ADT – a description of data and the operations define on that data o Ex. list, abstract understanding, different syntax btwn languages Abstract Data Type: discussion • Abstract o The user doesn’t want to know how it works o The user wants to know how to work it o Ex. how are python lists implemented? In almost every situation does anyone care? • Data o What information to record? • Type o Encapsulates a concept that is common to an entire set of objects Synonyms of “encapsulate”:  encase, contain, envelop, enfold, sheathe, cocoon, surround • ADT: data + operations on that data o ex. Pixel (from the media)  Data: a dot with a location and an RGB colour  Operations: get_x(), get_y(), get_color(), set_color(c), etc. o Ex. Str (a built-in type)  Data: a sequence of characters  Operations: capitalize(), isdigit(), strip(), find(sub), etc. • ADTs in Python o Python: you can define a new type by writing a class  Sometimes using the built-in ones like str would be too inconvenient o Classes encapsulate data and provide methods to operate on that data  Someone wrote python classes for every type used in 108 and in 108 we never care how they did it: we just called metho
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