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University of Toronto St. George
Computer Science
Tom Fairgrieve

Claims True or False have formCertain things have certain properties1Every employee makes less than 70000True or False TrueHow Check whether or not claim is true for every employeeWords Every Each AllIndicate universal claim refers to every object of domain quantification connecting prop Of elements to prop Of set2Each employee makes less than 700003All employees make less than 70000In logicUQuniversal quantification refers to every object in domainIn EnglishEvery January it shows in Torontoconsider true thought acknowledge does not always holdClaim4Each employee makes atleast 10000A false claim Since betty makes under 10000Betty is a counter example to the claim5All female employees make less than 55000TrueHow Restrict domain to females Betty Ellen Flo and check claim6All male employees make less than 55000FalseHow Restrict domain to males and checkAl is a counter example Note To show that a universally quantified statement like All Ps are QsIs true need to show every P has property QTo show false just one single counter example find a P that is not a QProperties as sets5 All female employees makes less than 55000Define Ethe set of all employees our universe domain Al Betty Carlos Doug Ellen FloFthe set of all female employees Betty Ellen FloLthe set of employees making under 55000 Betty Carlos Doug Ellen Flo
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