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Computer Science
Diane Horton

SEPTEMBER 26 Software design with CRC Cards  Object oriented Design o Why do we use objected-oriented programing  Information hiding  Allowing us to change our minds about implementation  Helps programmers think more abstractly  Modularity  Keep the pieces separate and small  Easier to debug  Intenral and external reuse  Can reuse code more easily  Perhaps even between projects  How do you decide: o … which classes to make? o … what methods to write? o … which classes use which other classes? o … which classes are related to other classes?  One way: noun/verb analysis o Identify nouns as potential classes  but some become features of classes rather than classes themselves o Identify verbs as potential methods o Nice, but:  How to organize all this?  Which methods belong to which classes?  Which classes use other classes?  Some OOD History o Kent Beck  Created Extreme Programming (XP)  Created Test-driven development o Ward Cunningham  Created the first wiki o Kent and Ward, in the late 1980’s, shaped the noun/verb analysis into a full-fledged design technique
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