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Computer Science
Diane Horton

OCTOBER 03  Types, now that we know inheritance and interfaces o A class Child that extends class Parent and implements interface Person...  If of type child  Can be used anywhere that Parent is legal  Can be used anywhere that Interface is legal  But cannot be replaced by an object of type Parent  Children replace parents, not the other way around o Why use implements?  A class can only extend one parent, but can implement many interfaces  Implements is a way to guarantee a capability  A set of methods that implement some functionality  Casting o An instance of a class Child has  a Child part, with all the data members and methods of Child  a Parent part, with all the data members and methods of Parent  a Grandparent part, ... etc., all the way up to Object o Casting can be used to access the different parts o Need to cast down but not up  When Java looks up a name, it automatically will look up through the parts of an object if necessary  When java looks for a method, it automatically look at the lowest level, even if the object has been casted up  So we don’t need to cast “up”  But it won’t automatically look down.  If the data member or method we want is down in a more specific part of the object, we do need to cast  Of course, you also need to know where it begins to look  Where Java looks for a name, this depends on o whether it’s an instance or static member of the class o whether it’s a variable or method o if it’s a variable, what its type is and whether it has been cast to a new type  Shadowing and Overriding o Suppose class A and its subclass B each have  An instance variable x  An instance method m o A’s x is shadowed (hidden) by B’s x  this is confusing and rarely a good idea  When b’s x is called in an object b, b’s x is used  A’s x can still be called using super.x o A’s m is overridden by B’s m  This is often a good idea.  We often want to specialize behavior in a subclass  Example o 1. package names; 2. public class Porsche extends Car { 3. 4. String name = "Fast car"; 5. 6. public void makeSound() { 7. System.out.println( + " vroooom!!!!"); 8. } 9. 10. } o 1. package names; 2. public class Car { 3. 4. String name = "Car"; 5. int gas = 10; 6. 7. public void makeSound() { 8. System.out.println( + " beep
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