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Computer Science
Diane Horton

OCTOBER 15  Generic stacks w/ interface put in oct10c instead  Exceptions o Exceptions report exceptional conditions: unusual, strange, disturbing. o These conditions deserve exceptional treatment: not the usual go-to-the-next-step, plod-onwards approach. o Therefore, understanding exceptions requires thinking about a different model of program execution.  Exceptionsin Java o To “throw an exception” Throw Throwable; o To “catch an exception” and deal with it: try { statements } catch (Throwable parameter) { // The catch belongs to the try. statements } o To say you aren’t going to deal with exceptions (or may throw your own): accessMod returnType methodname (parameters) throws Throwable {...} o Analogy:  Throw:  I'm in trouble, so I throw a rock through a window, with a message tied to it.  Try:  Someone in the following block of code might throw rocks of various kinds. All you catchers line up ready for them  Catch:  If a rock of my kind comes by, I'll catch it and deal with it.  Throws:  I’m warning you: if there’s trouble, I may throw a rock.  Even though there are only two new statement types, this changes the whole
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