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Computer Science
Diane Horton

OCTOBER 22  Software Design and Development  Components of Development o Requirements o Specification o Architecture o Design o Implementation o Testing o Deployment o Maintenance  Key Features of Agile Development o User stories to drive design o Lightweight, evolving design as code is written and features are added o Continuous unit testing o Pair programming o Continuous refactoring  A scrum o A scrum team works on month-long sprints  In each sprint, the team implements a subset of features selected from a product backlog o We like to think of development as predictable ... but it’s not. o The customer can change his or her mind. o Unexpected challenges will arise. o Some tasks will be easier or harder than anticipated. o Scrum is designed to make the team deliver quickly and respond flexibly to challenges. o Roles  Product owner: voice of the customer  ScrumMaster: primary job is to remove impediments to the ability of the team to deliver the goal  Team: has the responsibility to deliver the product  Users: the people who use the software you'll build  Stakeholders: people that will enable the project; not directly involved except every now and then  Managers: people that will set up the environment for the product development organization o Sprints  The product owner produces the first version of the product backlog -- a list of features to implement.  Each cycle, the team chooses which items from the product backlog to move to the sprint backlog. Time estimates are attached to each item.  During the sprint: daily team meetings (seriously)  At end of sprint, new features are complete: documented and tested and ready for release.  Product increment: something shippable. o Gathering Requirements: User Stories  A collection of stories can define what the program is supposed to do.  See Chapter 11 of text and
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