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Computer Science
Diane Horton

NOVEMBER 19  Agile Methods o Agiles means being able to move quicky  mentally quick and resourceful  develop software iteratively and incrementally o Manage risky by managing cope  strong customer focus  cannot plan for all possible canges, instead embrace change o Continuous feedback  btwn developers, managers, customers o Currently very popular in industry  Manifesto for Agile Software Development o We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. o Through this work we have come to value:  Individuals and interactions over processes and tools  Working software over comprehensive documentation  Customer collaboration over contract negotiation  Responding to change over following a plan o That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.  Commonly Used Agile Methods o SCRUM  Emphasis is on managing the project o Extreme Programming (XP)  Guides development and management o Lean  Approach to managing the flow of work, originated from Toyota  SCRUM o Derived from the rugby term “scrum”  Despite appearances, is a organized test of strength and skill o Work is done in sprints (iterations) that form releases o Key Roles: Scrum Master and Product Owner (On-Site Customer) o Key Practices: Daily stand-up meeting, time-boxing, and burn-down chart o SCRUM Master  A project management role  Chairs the meetings  Tracks progress  Maintains burn down chart  Work allocation is based on historical performance  Number of story points per release  Number of hours per sprint  Extreme Programming (XP) o Four Values  Communication, simplicity, feedback, and courage o The Principles  Concrete applications of the principles  Rapid feedback; assume simplicity; incremental change; embracing change; quality work o Four Basic Activities  Coding, testing, listening, and designing NOVEMBER 19 o Extreme Practices 
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