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University of Toronto St. George
Computer Science
Ted Petit

Tutorial/ Lab1 for CSC 207. Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to get you familiar with subversion and software versioning.As we learnt in class, subversion has two components i.e. the server and the client. For this tutorial we will be using the following: SVN server: Google Code SVN SVN client: command line SVN It is nice to be aware, that you can use Google Code as a subversion repository. This may help you later in your studies and professional career. It is also a nice idea, if you have your own personal project that you like to release to the outside world, you may host it on Google Code. In assignments and future labs for CSC 207, we will replace the server component with MarkUs. Setting up the Google Code SVN Server: Step 1) Make sure you have a GoogleAccount. Step 2) Go to and click on 'Create a new project' Step 3) Fill out the requested Metadata for your project i.e. Project Name, Project Summary, Description. Make sure, for Version control system you select 'Subversion' Step 4) Click on 'Create project' and Google will setup a SVN server for your project. Figure1: Note, I have called my project 'helloworld207'. Depending on what you called your project, you should have something similar as seen here Step 5) Click on the 'Source' tab of the screenshot as seen in figure1 and Google will give you the following info. Figure2. Ofcourse this will vary from project to project, but here Google Code gives me the URL where my SVN server is. This link is important for your SVN client to connect to. Step 6) For this tutorial, we will be using the SVN command line, but you are more than welcome to use a GUI SVN client. To download and install a SVN GUI client go to: Step 7) Note: My SVN server is located at the following link as seen in figure 2. By clicking on the link, you will see, I already have some files present there.As you are creating one from scratch, yours will be empty. Step 8)
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