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Computer Science
Diane Horton

CSC207H CODE REVIEW CHECKLIST This document contains a code review checklist. These are a subset of the items found on checklists posted on the web; they also happen to be the kinds of things that TAs look for in every course that involves coding. There are five rules, listed in order of importance: 1. All criticism must be constructive. This is a learning experience for everyone. Don’t be rude; don’t insult; don’t be sarcastic. The point isn’t to complain, it is to improve the team code. 2. If something looks nice, say so. 3. Don’t take anything personally. 4. Don’t change the code during the review: the review is for giving feedback, not for editing. 5. All code is shared. You are responsible for each other’s code, including style, comments, and design. Style Does everyone have and use the Checkstyle plugin? Do the variable, method, class, and package names named according to the standard Java rules? Are class names noun phrases? Are method names verb phrases? Are abbreviations avoided in instance and static variable names and method
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