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Karen Reid

C PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE  The C Programming Language  About C o C is a high-level language — structured o Similar to Java – Java copied the best of C o C is a low-level language — machine access o #include – use declarations of functions o C is a small language, extendable with libraries o first line are librarys included o C is permissive: assumes you know what you’re doing  stdio.h has printf o Positives: efficient, powerful, portable, flexible o each c program has a main function o Bad: easy to make errors, obfuscation, little support for modul returns an int = 0 if no errors, else errors  Obfuscated = render obscure, unclear or unintelligible o have to declare variables & types  See sds.c  completely illegible, still compiles  statically type language  Ex. avgs.c o Functions must be 1. #include  Declared – tells compiler how to use function 2. #include  Defined – creates the item 3. o Declarations must appeare before code 4. int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { o Uninitialized variables have no default value 5. char **p; o No run-time checking 6. FILE *fp, *fpout; o No polymorphism 7. int total, nums, num; 8.  printf format strings 9. if (argc < 2) { o no objects 10. fprintf (stderr, "Usage: %s file...\n",  To compile c on UNIX based machine o gcc –Wall -g -o [cprogramname] [cprogramname].c 11. argv[0]); 12. exit (1);  Basic Controll Structures 13. } o for loop – like java 14.  body is one statement 15. fpout = fopen("avgs.txt", "w");  braces { } enclose blocks 16. 17. if (!fpout) {  blocks introduce scrope level  can’t mix declarations and non-declarations 18. fprintf(stderr,  for (int I … is illegal in ANSI C 19. "Error: can’t open output file\n");  fprintf can print to a file, printf prints to standard output 20. exit(1); 21. }  Ex. gcd.c 22. 1. #include 23. p = argv; 2. 24. while (*++p) {
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