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Karen Reid

I/O Multiplexing o I/O Multiplexing Model  The problem o When reading from multiple sources, blocking on one of the sources could be bad  an example of denial of service o Which of the system calls might block indefinitely? read & accept o One solution: one process for every client  resource taxing o Block I/O Model  Using select() for I/O multiplexing int select(int maxfdp1, fd_set *readset, fd_set *writeset, fed_set *exceptset, const struct timeval *timeout); o A call to select() returns when one of the file descriptors in one of the set is ready for I/O o If timeout is not NULL, then select() returns when a descriptor is ready or timeout time has passed o If timeout is zero, select() returns immediately after checking descriptors  Readiness o Nonblocking I/O Model o Ready to read when:  There is data in the receive buffer to be read  End-of-file state on the file descriptor  The socket is a listening socket and there is a connection pending  A socket error is pending o Ready to write when  There is space available in the write buffer  A socket error is pending o Exceptino condition pending when  TCP out-of-band data o We are typically interested in when bytes are available to be rea
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