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PROCESSOR COMPONENTS  Microprocessors  The Arithematic side of ALU o S0 far, we’ve been talking about making devices, such as adders, o Fundamentally, this side is made of an add/subtractor unit counters and registers o The ultimate goal is to make a microprocessor  A digital device that processes input, can store values and produces output, according to a set of on-board instructions  Processor o ALU block diagram  In addition to data inputs and outputs, this circuit also has:  Outputs indicating the different conditions  Inputs specifying the operation to perform (similar to sub) o Deconstructing processor – consider them piece by piece o Beyond addition and subtraction, many more operations can be performed by manipulating what is addeded to input A, o Microprocessors  These devices are a combination of the units that we’ve discussed so far:  Registers to store values  Adders and shifters to process data  Finite state machines to control the process  Arithematic Logic Unit (ALU) – the “Arithmetic Thing” o The first microprocessor applications were calculators  Recall the unit on adders and Subtractors  These are part of a larger structure call the arithmetic logic unit (ALU) o Arithemtic operations; if the input logic circuit on the left side: o This larger stricture is responsible for the processing of all data values  Sends B straight through to the adder in a basic CPU o The ALU performs all of the arithematic operations covered in this  Result of addition operation: G = A + B course so far, and logical operations as well (AND, OR, NOT, etc.)  Replace B with all ones
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