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University of Toronto St. George
Computer Science
Steve Engels

 Multiplication cont.  Step #3 – iteration #4 o Booth’s algorithm  Check the last 2 digits of A: 111110  Devised as a way to take advantage of circuits where shifting is  Since digits are 10, subtract B (add -B) from the most cheaper than adding, or where space is at a premium significant digits of P:  Based on the premise that when multiplying by certain P 00000 11000 values (ex. 99) it can be easier to think of this operation -B +11110______ as a difference between two products P’ 11110 11000  Arithemtic shift P and A one bit to the right  Consider the shortcut method when multiplying a give demical value X by 9999: A  111111 P = 11111 01100  X*9999 = X*10000 – X*1  Step #3 – iteration #5 (final)  Now consider the equivalent problem in binary  Check the last 2 digits of A: 111111  X*001111 = X*010000 – X*1  Since digits are the same, do nothing to P  This idea is triggered on cases where two neighboring digits in  Arithemtic shift P and A one bit to the right an operand are different A  111111 P = 11111 10110  If digits at i and i–1 are 0 and 1, the multiplicand is  Step #4 A*B = 11011*00010 = 11111 10110 = P added to the result at position i  If idigits at i and i–1 are 1 and 0, the multiplicand is o Reflections on multiplcations subtracted from the result at position i  A popular version of this algorithim involves copying A into the  The result is always a value whose size is the sum of the sizes of lower bits of P, so that the testing and shifting only takes place in P the two multiplicands  In worst case this well be as efficient as an accumulator circit  Also good for maintaining the original value of A  Ex. 10111011*10101010  Multiplication isn’t as common an operation as addition or  In the average case its better than the worst case of
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