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Computer Science
Steve Engels

 Control Unit – the “Control Thing” o OPCODES – the first 6 digits of the instruction, determines the o Processor Datapath instruction type  DATAPATH – description/illustration of how the data flows  Except for “R-type” instruction highlighted in gray between processor components during the execution of an  opcode is 000000 and the last six digits denote function operation o DATA BUS (BUS) – group of wires through which the communication InstructionOp/Function InstructionOp/Function btween components takes place add 100000 srav 000111 addu 100001 srl 000010  Multiple components can read from a bus addi 001000 srlv 000110  only one can write to a bus at a time; aka BUS DRIVER addiu 001001 beq 000100  Each component has a tristate buffer that feeds into the bus  When not reading or writing, the tristate buffer drives div 011010 bgtz 000111 divu 011011 blez 000110 high impedance onto the bus mult 011000 bne 000101 o Datapath example mutlu 011001 j 000010  The simplified datapath for most processor operation has stagesub 100010 jal 000011 as shown in the diagram subu 100011 jalr 001001 and 100100 jr 001000 Instruction fetch andi 001100 lb 100000 nor 100111 lbu 100100 or 100101 lh 100001 ori 001101 lhu 100101 Instruction decode xor 100110 lw 100011 & register fetch xori 001110 sb 101000 sll 000000 sh 101001 sllv 000100 sw 101011 Address/data sra 000011 mflo 010010 calculation o MIPS instruction types: R-type, I-type, J- type o R-TYPE INSTRUCTIONS (gray highlight) Memory access Write back  Short for “register-type” instructions  b/c they operate on the registers o Instructions  these instructions have fields for specifying up to three registers  In order to know what operation to perform, there is a section of memory that stores instructions for the processor to execut and a shift amount  For this course, we assume that the instructions; data  three registers: two source register (rs & rt) and one destination register (rd) and stack are all stored in main memory  The PROGRAM COUNTER (PC) register stores the address of the  field usually coded with all 0 bits when not being used instruction currently being ran; starts from 0  The opcode for all R
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