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Computer Science
Susan Elliott Sim

Software Engineering Lecture NotesSoftware Engineering Lecture 2Agile Planning It is iterative and incremental Iterativef1f2f3f4Do more mode codepolishrobustness and more and more Incrementalf1f2f3f4O O OODo all of one then do all of the next and so on till doneProduct Scrum teamChampion User StoryStakeholders Written descriptionsFeaturesConversations TasksScenariosTest cases To do items Bring ValueAs a role I do so that goal 3 Types of PlanningRelease Sprint and DailyReleasea group of sprintsresourcesproduct backlog a set of stories that have been estimated and prioritized and allocated to sprints Astory writing workshopsget together and make user stories M PSTestimate the size of stories M Tprioritize stories M PSTSprintIteration time box time segment Productan increment of the system Potentially shippable ATest casesTDD test driven development ABurn Down Chart AScrum Board ASprint Planningtake stories from pbacklog and brake them into tasks M TSprint Reviewstartstopcontinue What do we need to startstopcontinue MDailyworking dayssustainable pace aka 40 hour work weekDaily Stand Up Meeting15 minutes What I did last working day What I am going to do What I need help with M TAartefactsthinks that you makeMmeetings PSTProduct ChampStakeholderScrum TeamSprint planningStand up Story writing workshop start of sprintstart of dailyRELEASESPRINTDAILY product backlog before sprint Sprint review Product end of sprintTest casesBurn Down ChartsScrum boardbetween daily and sprint
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