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TM permacharts Twelfth Night StructureJust the Facts AIN PLOTARALLEL PLOTSILLIAM SHAKESPEARE MPW Act IIntroduction Main characters and actions are introduced The Duke, Olivia,The Romantic Plot involves Orsino, Olivia, and Viola Orsino loves Olivia, who loves Born 1564; died 1616 and Viola are knotted in a love triangleViolaCesario, who loves Orsino Playwright, actor, author, and poet Act IIDevelopmentrising action Complications in the love plots are furtherThe Low Comic Plot involves the servants (Maria, Fabian, Malvolio) and the drunken Usually credited with writing 37 plays eveloped Olivia loves Viola Malvolio is fooled Duel is arranged nights (Sir Toby, Sir Andrew) Malvolio is humiliated in front of Olivia through the use dk Plays are divided into early plays(e.g., The Taming of Sebastian is introducedof a practical joke, as suggested by Maria and initiated by the forging of a letter in the Shrew), comedies (e.g., Twelfth Night), Olivias handwriting (e.g., Malvolio is asked to smile while wearing yellow stockings and Act IIIClimax Further love complications occur Duel is interrupted Confusion of istories (e.g., Henry V), tragedies (e.g., Hamlet), h rossgarters when he sees her) c identities problem plays(e.g., Measure for Measure), and onfinement of Malvolio in a dark room as a madman, brought about by Sir Toby, C Act IVDenouementfalling action Olivia marries Sebastian Malvolio is in the cell romance plays(e.g., The Winters Tale) Maria, and Fabian Appearance of Sir Topas, the curate Mistaken identities with the twins TWELFTH NIGHT Duel between ViolaCesario and Sir Andrew, who is egged on by Sir Toby and Fabian to ct VConclusion Untangling of the love knots Discovery of the twins Viola and A Written around 1601 win the love of Olivia Antonio interrupts the duel Sebastian is mistaken for Cesario Orsino marry Maria and Sir Toby marry Malvolio does not forgive nd attacked a Shakespeare drew on his own early comedies for Comic ending characters (e.g., Feste resembles the Fool in King Lear and Touchstone in As You Like It) Similar storyline to Secchis 1531 Italian drama Themes nganni(The Deceived) I ROWNING RECOVERYOVEADNESS DLM COMEDY Malvolio is called mad when he acts in a bizarre manner Romantic love of Orsino for Olivia and Olivia for Cesario Viola and Sebastian are rescued from the sea Based on exaggeration of human nature (as well as (e.g., obstacles exist; beloved is out of reach; lover pines istaken identities, disguise, and confusion of events) m Sebastian wants to find wonder in Olivias behavior, Malvolio drowns in selflove or hisher source of affection; sudden and inexplicable) f not madness Possibility of tragic end; an important character might Orsino and Olivia drown themselves in sentimental love Mature love of Viola for Orsino (e.g., feelings are die or confusion may not be resolved, but something Confusion of identities seems to drive characters PPEARANCE VS. REALITY A genuine; subjects feelings come first) (usually not hoped for) occurs to ensure a happy ending omewhat mad s Viola assumes the guise of Cesario to work as Orsinos Brotherly love of Sebastian and Antonio (e.g., deep, SELFDECEPTION VS. AWARENESS eunuch (a girl is disguised as a boy) nonsexual feelings; similar to friendship; trust and Love blinds the characters and obscures their Twins Viola and Sebastian are mistaken for one another oncern for other persons wellbeing) c Background perceptions of their own limitations Maria forges Olivias handwriting; the promising letter Familial love of Viola and Sebastian (e.g., sadness when Malvolio believes that he is the object of Olivias love; rings about a downfall, not fortune b they think that the other has drowned) IME T he is fooled by the letter The coward is actually brave (and viceversa) The play spans 3 days (on stage) with an interval of USIC M Orsino and Olivia deceive themselves into believing that 3 days between Scenes 3 and 4 of Act I Love is often based on appearances (i.e., surfaces only, Imagery (If music be the food of love, play on ) ersistence wins love p no inner appreciation) Day 1Act I, Scenes 13 Feste sings songs Sir Andrew follows Sir Tobys lead and believes Olivia and Sebastian fall in love on the surface Interval About 3 days Creates melancholy and romantic atmospheres everything that he is told, as he loves Olivia ISGUISED IDENTITIES D Day 2Act I, Scenes 45; Act II, Scenes 13 Can be used to mock (e.g., Malvolio is rendered RAMATIC SITUATIONAL IRONY D Disguise of Cesario yields Viola freedoms and Day 3Act II, Scene 4; Act III; Act IV; Act V helpless while Sirs Toby, Andrew, and Fabian sing) Orsino sends Viola to woo Olivia; he does not know that limitations; access and inaccessibility Viola loves him LAUGHTERSETTING Disguise of Sir Topas (the curate) is worn for the prank Comic relief is alternated with dramatic scenes Olivia does not know that Cesario is Viola in disguise Much of the action takes place in the palace of Duke nvolving Malvolio i hen shehe proposes to her w rsino and in Olivias palace in Illyria, on the shores of O Puns, wordplay, and fabricated words lead to humor Sebastian is mistaken for Cesario the Adriatic Sea Antonio berates Cesario for stealing his purse, thinking Visual humor is created through Malvolios appearance Viola must disguise her true feelings for Orsino that he is Sebastian Acts I and II open on the wild seacoast where Viola during the prank m and Sebastian are rescued Feste, the fool, wears a disguise; other fools (i.e., silly Feste may be the wisest character in the comedy; Pride and deception are eventually laughed about characters) in the play are disguised he wears a fools clothing Locations include gardens and a dark cell (except Malvolio, who cannot laugh at himself) o c . Characters s CHARACTER SKETCHESFOILS t A foil is a character who can be compared and contrasted to another NameDescription character ViolaCesarioNoble heroine; Sebastians sister Shipwrecked and separated from Sebastian Focus of the play Disguised as Cesario for the majority of the r play Loves Orsino (e.g., she is required to plead the Dukes love suit to Olivia) Capable of making swift decisions Youthful and attractive to Used to clarify character traits a
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