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TM permacharts English Verbs English Verbs 2nd EDITION PRESENT TENSEPHRASAL VERBS A phrasal verbis a two part verb IMPLE PRESENT S consisting of a verb and a particle Expresses daily habits or usual Expresses general factual Example:put down means to stop holding activitiesstatements Some phrasal verbs have more Examples: Kate readsa book toExamples:Flowers growwell in than one meaning her son every night. I drinkthe sunshine. Dogs bark. coffee every morning. The earth isround. EPARABLE PHRASAL VERBS S Normally, I driveto work. A noun can separate the verb and the particle or the noun may come after the verb and the particle RESENT PROGRESSIVE P Phrasal Verbs Expresses an activity that is inConstruction:am is are + progress in the presenting break downstop functioningput downstop holding or moment carrying Examples:Kate wont answer bring backreturn an item Expresses an event that beganthe phone because sheis to someoneput offpostpone in the past, continues in thereadinga book to her son. call offcancel an eventtake offremove clothes present, and will likely Its morning. I am drinkinga from ones body figure outfind the solution continue into the futurecup of coffee, as usual. throw outdiscard hand ingive an ONPROGRESSIVE VERBS N assignment to turn offstop a machine a teacheror a light The following verbs are notIncorrect:I am needinga used in progressive tenses vacation right now. hand outgive an item to turn onstart a machine (ing) one person oror a light Correct:I needa vacation right several people Use the simple present onlynow. turn downrefuse leave outomit or forgetsomething, NonProgressive Verbs make the look upfind information behateloveremember volume lower in a resource believehave*need see (music) make upcreate a story belonghearownthink* wake upstop sleeping existknowpossessunderstand pick updrive home or write downrecord in writing forget like preferwant lift *Thinkand havecan be used in some progressive constructionsExamples:I want to take offmy shoes. I wantto takemy shoes off. Its time to throw out my old clothes. Its time to throwmy Examples:I seeyour sister in the audience. Jim understandsCalculus old clothes out. Will youturnonthe television? Will you turn very well. the television on? Can youpick up Melissa from school? Can When thinkmeansbelieve, it is nonprogressive you pickMelissaupfrom school? Example:I thinkit will be a nice day tomorrow. When thinkexpresses thoughts that are going INSEPARABLE PHRASAL VERBS through a persons head, it can be progressive The noun follows the particle Example:I am thinkingabout what my brother told me. The noun never precedes the verb Phrasal Verbs drop byvisit informallykeep oncontinue doing eat outhave a meal in PAST PERFECT something a restaurant Used to express an activityExamples:I had fixedmy PC look likeresemble get bysurvive that happened before anotherbefore it worked. I had gone physically financially activity in the pastwhen John came over last night. run intomeet by get onenter a bus, I had eatenbefore we went Activity must be completed chance plane, train, for dinner. She had chosenher before a specific time in the elevatorrun outofuse the last of dress before she met him. past get offleave a bus,take afterresemble plane, train, take careofbe responsible elevator for someone get inenter a car, or something IMPERATIVE a line, a house wait forwait until Used to give commands andExamples:Turnright at the get out ofleave a car, someone instructionsstop sign. Shutthe door! a line, a house,something Openyour mouth, please. escape havingarrives or is Can also be used to make to dofinished with requestsNegative constructions: something something else Do not (dont)+ simple present The understood subject in of a verb imperative sentences is you Examples:I ran intoyour boss at the game. Wait foryour sister (e.g., subject is the person atExamples:Dontrun beside the after school, please. Lets drop bythe Coles house after dinner. whom the imperative ispool! Do notdrink and drive. Lisa always gets out of walking the dog. Ill get off the elevator directed) Please dontworry if Im late on the ground floor. She looks like her mother. night. I have a meeting. 20012012 Mindsource Technologies Inc. ENGLISH VERBS 1550805517 1
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