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TM permacharts Macbeth Just the FactsCharacters ILLIAM SHAKESPEAREHARACTER SKETCHES WC Born 1564; died 1616 ameDescriptionameDescription NN Playwright, actor, and poetMacbethThane of Glamis, later Thane of Cawdor, and eventually Lady MacduffWife to Macduff and the mother of his children ecomes King of Scotland Protagonist and tragic hero b She loves her husband deeply She is developed as Author of 37 plays and 152 sonnets Tragic flaw is his ambition, which leads to his murder a foil to Lady Macbeth She is portrayed as a Plays are divided into the early plays(e.g., The Taming of the Shrew), of the king Brave and loyal in the beginning of the compassionate woman as seen with her children he comedies(e.g., Twelfth Night), the histories(e.g., Henry V), t lay (e.g., he defends Duncan by killing Macdonwald) p Her assassination is the catalyst for Macduffs the tragedies (e.g., Macbeth), the problem plays (e.g., Measure for Hailed as a hero and is given the title Thane of revenge and Macbeths death Measure), and the romance plays(e.g., The Winters Tale) Cawdor His actions are spurred on by his vaulting T hree Witches Three women with supernatural powers and their Plays were performed in court and in public theaters (e.g., The Globe) mbition He believes in the supernatural and in a The Weird Sisters leader They represent the combined powers of evil, prophecy He hesitates greatly before deciding to kill nd Hecatemagic, and the supernatural world They prophesize a MACBETH Duncan Turns disloyal and kills the king Depends truths about Macbeth and his imminent future, as well Written in 16061607 reatly on support and ideas from Lady Macbeth, who g as the truth about other events They use their Dubbed The Scottish Playdue to superstitions serves as his wife and accomplice Jealous of noble ystical powers in order to create apparitions m Banquo Becomes untrustworthy according to his Follows the tragic story of a man tempted against morality to commit murder (Be bloody, bold, and resolute; laugh to scorn The ubjects He dies in the final foreseen battle with s for his own gain power of man, for none of woman born Shall harm Macduff, his nemesis (Lifes but a walking shadow, a acbeth...) (Act IV, Scene 1) They serve to drive the M Based upon the murders of King Duff (967 A.D.) and Duncan (10401057) poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the plot by using suspense and riddles that must be solved rom Scottish history f tage...) (Act V, Scene 5) s They are proven to be allknowing and accurate Similar storyline to Raphael Holinsheds Chronicles of England, Scotland, and uncanKing of Scotland; father of Malcolm and Donalbain D alcolmSon of Duncan A man of action (e.g., when his father M Ireland(1587) Antagonist in the play He is quick to reward honor s murdered, he escapes immediately to find safety in i and loyalty to his subjects (e.g., he bestows a title upon England) He is named as his fathers heir and the PERFORMANCE OF MACBETH acbeth as a reward for protecting him) He is blind M rightful successor to the throne He possesses a Play has been modified over the years (e.g., 1667 version included dancing to the threat of Macbeths treachery A gracious autious nature (i.e., he does not attack right away) c and singing) Duncan makes an ideal guest in Macbeths castle He suspects Macduff and he must be convinced of David Garrick played Macbeth in 1774; legendary hit A wellliked, virtuous king Catalyst for Macbeths his innocence He eventually joins forces with Macduff tragic mistake Belief in the goodness of people is his Edmund Kean (1814) used an elaborate set (i.e., cliff, gallery, castle) gainst Macbeth He is crowned King at the a eventual downfall conclusion of the play Modern versions have been staged on subway grates and empty stages ady MacbethWife to Macbeth Integral to the murder plot L D onalbainSon of Duncan He is both decisive and quick to Elizabethan Stage Conventions She encourages Macbeth to seize the kingship respond (e.g., when Duncan is murdered, he escapes Murders usually took place off stage throughout the play She shows great strength and o Ireland) t efficiency in preparing the guards for the eventual Verbally created theater (i.e., few stage effects, no painted scenery) leanceSon of Banquo Quick, young, and agile He outruns F urder (i.e., she drugs them) Believes in Macbeths m Women did not act until after 1660 (i.e., young men played the women) the murderers while they attack Banquo He survives ambition, yet fears that he may be too passive to kill Macbeths murder plot He is prophesied to be king in RAGEDY T Duncan (Yet do I fear thy nature: It is too full o the he future, as Banquos heir t ature of human kindness To catch the nearest way...) n Protagonist dies while defeating antagonist ossA thane of Scotland Delivers messages in the play R (Act I, Scene 5) Acts as driving force behind Tragic hero is mislead by hisher hamartia (e.g., tragic flaw) Reports to Duncan, Macbeth, Macduff, and Siward Macbeths upward climb Forcefully chides Macbeths Revenge trag
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