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University of Toronto St. George
Contemporary Asian Studies
Shirley Wu

Lecture 4 30092013 070200 PolanyiHungarian economistStarted sociologist and became philosopherBorn to british parents in ViennaSocialistbroad senseMoved to England in the rise of Nazis o States in 1940sNot really had a full time jobTaught economics in Columbia for several yearsLate 40s and early 50so US under fauvism o A Christian o WifeHungarian women1953retired o went back to Pickeryo died in Toronto Western Hospital18861964born 3 years before Jon Maynard Keynes 18831941 o known for business economics cycle o market is capable of self regulation o prices afflicted Karl Marx 18181883Located in broader social district The Great Transformation what and which transformationCrises of liberal capitalist socioeconomic system late 1910s1930s o Broader historical diagnosis of development congruism o Rise of facism o First WW o Great Depression o Rise of Faciasm o Challenge of communism and workingclass movements in the 30a40sResponse to Crises
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