CSB429H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Maternal Effect, Oogenesis, Blastoderm

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2 Feb 2013
CSB429 Lecture 3 2/1/2013 3:53:00 PM
Germ plasm in Drosophila
- contains polar granules = large complex cels of protein and RNAs
Molecules to start making granules/ the starting protein is OSKAR (in flies not conserved out
of insects)
What are these granules?
Where are the RNAs coming from?
Maternal Factors: all factors put into the egg during oogenesis.
Many are proteins, the rest = RNAs
30% of the RNA in germ cells comes from the germ plasm.
BLASTODERM: large portion of the maternal mRNA are degraded w/ the exception of the
PGCs they preserve the maternal components!
Oskar Vasa Tudor
This is present at the posterior
- Maternal mRNAs specifically localized
to germ plam
-3’ UTR of these mRNAs imp for the
- Experiment: KO the pathway to see
Maternal mRNAs
Somatic cells mRNAs get
Primordial germ cells (170
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