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13 Oct 2015

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Spelling tips & tricks: to mark the start of a sentence: why should i let you cook, for some single letters (pronoun i, interjection o, and names or shapes): when i say no, o brother, / vitamin b is essential: to show family relationships when using a substitute for people"s names, but not if preceded by a possessive pronoun: i think dad will call his brother tomorrow. / i told my dad that i need the car: when using family terms with a proper noun: Aunt betty: for job titles with personal names, but not if a generic title is given: councilor hill left the hall. The councilor left the hall: for days of the week and months of the year, but not for seasons: on the first saturday of each. August, we hold our annual neighborhood summer party: some words are capitalized in some situations, but not others: father liam, a catholic priest, has very catholic tastes.

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