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TM permacharts Romeo Juliet StructureBackgroundJust the Facts AIN PLOTIMEILLIAM SHAKESPEARE MTW Act I Introduction Warring feud between Capulets and Montagues Born 1564; died 1616 Play occurs over a period of 5 days in midJuly; Sunday to Thursday Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love Paris wants to marry Playwright, actor, and poet; credited with writing 37 plays and 152 sonnets Day 1Act I, Scenes 15; Act II, Scenes 12 uliet J Plays are divided into the early plays(e.g., The Taming of the Shrew), the Day 2Act II, Scenes 36; Act III, Scenes 14 ct IIDevelopmentrising action Tybalt challenges Romeo Romeo and A comedies(e.g., Much Ado About Nothing), the histories (e.g., Henry V), Day 3Act III, Scene 5; Act IV, Scenes 13 Juliet secretly marry at Friar Lawrences cell he tragedies (e.g.,Romeo Juliet), the problem plays (e.g., Measure t Day 4Act IV, Scenes 45 Act IIIClimax Death of Mercutio Romeo slays Tybalt Pattern of death for Measure), and the romance plays(e.g., The Winters Tale) Day 5Act V and revenge begins Romeo is banished from Verona ROMEO JULIET Act IVDenouementfalling action Capulet hastens the marriage date SETTING Written around 1595 (one of the most famous love stories in the world) Juliet takes sleeping potion She is found dead yet buried alive Several scenes take place in public squares in Verona Analogous to Hero and Leander; Pyramus and Thisbe; Tristan and Criseyde ct VConclusion Romeo hears of Juliets death Messenger is delayed A Much of the play takes place in the Capulet house and in the Capulet Based on Arthur Brookes The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Juliet(1562) Death of Romeo, Juliet, Paris, and Lady Montague ourtyard c TRAGEDY PARALLEL PLOTS Other locations include the Friars cell, gardens, and the Capulet burial vault Tragedy of fate; no tragic flaw and no moral weakness in the lovers Civil feud between the Capulet household and the Montague household Some time is spent in Mantua Forces of hatred between the houses fuel the tragedy Suspicion of plague in Verona delays the messenger CharactersThemes CHARACTER SKETCHESLOVE Bodily (physical) love (e.g., it is joked about by Romeos friends) NameDescription Infatuation; flowery, Petrarchan lovesickness (e.g., Romeo and Rosaline) RomeoYoung, noble son of Montague household Undergoes growth in maturity over course of the play Infatuated with Rosaline; spins lovesick poetry Falls in love with Juliet Displays high emotions Romantic (courtly) love; object of desire (the woman) had to be unobtainable (e.g., married, dead) and both lovers had to (melancholy, true love, hysteria) Gentle and responsible (e.g., he turns down Tybalts first challenge e chaste (e.g., initially, Romeos love for Rosaline; Romeo and Juliet, although they slept together, were prevented from b to fight) Slays Tybalt to avenge Mercutio Isolates himself from friends and family for Juliet being together by various obstacles, such as their families, Juliets forced marriage, and their eventual deaths) Hasteful and impetuous Banished from Verona Finds true friend in Friar Lawrence Bravely Conventional love (e.g., Juliet is expected to participate in an arranged marriage with Paris, according to conventions) enters Verona to find Juliet Kills himself with poison when he finds Juliet dead (actually asleep) True love (e.g., Romeo and Juliet love each other emotionally, spiritually, and sexually; they are committed to each other in JulietYoung, noble daughter of Capulet household 13 years old Matures over the course of the play marriage; they are willing to die rather than be unfaithful) Falls in love with Romeo and secretly marries him Finds an ally in the Nurse Later breaks her False love (e.g., Romeo thought that he loved Rosaline, so he created artificial feelings, even though he did not know her; ond with the Nurse Submits to her parents will Later defies her fathers wishes to marry Paris b he Nurse, and Mercutio, falsely believe that love and sex are the same thing) t Strongwilled, intelligent, and independent Isolates herself from her family Bravely takes the sleeping potion Commits suicide when she finds Romeo dead Parental love (e.g., the Montagues and Capulets love for their respective children and wanting what is best for them) MercutioBest friend of Romeo Constant and true Witty; uses intelligent wordplay and puns Shows Filial love (e.g., Romeo and Mercutio are very good friends who would do almost anything for each other) oncern over Romeo when he dwells in melancholy Courageous in battle c Love vs. hate (e.g., Romeo and Juliets love vs. the hatred between the Montagues and the Capulets; dueling deaths of ybaltCousin of the Capulets Fiery temper Deep hatred of the Montagues Swears revenge on T Mercutio, Tybalt, and Paris; suicide of Romeo and Juliet is overshadowed by their love for each other) Romeo for coming to the Capulets ball Provocative; initiator of violence Speaks to Romeo with IME T disdain Quick to jump to the sword; fierce fencer Slays Mercutio Killed by Romeo The play takes place over a period of five days (Sunday to Thursday) ParisKinsman of Prince Escalus Desires to marry Juliet Does not concern himself with reciprocal love The courtship is rushed Young gallant Wellborn and wealthy Romeos rival in love Speaks in flowery phrases of praise Quick to judge Romeo in the tomb Slain by Romeo Capulet makes haste in pushing up the wedding m BenvolioFriend to Romeo Peaceful Teases his friend about desiring Rosaline Tries to stop the fightin
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