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TM permacharts Hamlet StructureCharacters AIN PLOTHARACTER SKETCHES MC Act IIntroduction Presentation of setting, main characters, and central ameDescriptionameDescription NN themes HamletPrince of Denmark, son of Queen Gertrude and latePoloniusFather of Laertes and Ophelia Lord Chamberlain and Act IIDevelopmentrising action Hamlet commences his plan to feign King Hamlet, and nephewstepson of current Kingadvisor to King Claudius Cynical and selfseeking in adness and discover the truth about his fathers death laudius Protagonist and tragic hero Focus of theis desire to receive favor from Claudius and Gertrude m Ch Claudius looks for the reason behind Hamlets behavior play and involved with all the other characters Not inherently evil, but foolish Realistic (e.g., tells Intelligent young man with university educationOphelia that Hamlet is above her station in life) Act IIIClimax Trap is sprung with the plays performance Claudius is Wittenberg) Young man of physical ability and skilled Pragmatic (e.g., advises Laertes on how to be ( proven guilty in Hamlets eyes Death of Polonius with the sword Love of theater becomes a part of hisdeferential and inoffensive so that he may improve his Act IVDenouementfalling action Presentation of events towards ultimate actions Man of integrity who is loved by many station in life) Lack of sensitivity leads to verbosity, onclusion Claudius plans the demise of Hamlet c Complex character on many levels His tragic flawnopportune interference, and eventual death i ct VConclusion Death of all main characters except Horatio and A is his inability to decide on a course of action aertesPolonius son and Ophelias brother Friend to Hamlet L Fortinbras (procrastination due to too much thought) Actions Honest and courageous Torn between youth and re fueled by desire for revenge His failure to take a adulthood (i.e., responsibility) Cynical (e.g., advises PARALLEL PLOTS action against Claudius is linked to the death of the phelia that she can never have a life with Hamlet) O Hamlet, Laertes, and Fortinbras seek revenge for the murder of their fathers other characters Prone to analysis of himself and Hottempered yet full of honor (e.g., seeks to avenge In Hamlets play, the Player recites a scene showing Pyrrhus murder of hose around him before taking action Constantly t wrongs against his family) Unwittingly controlled by Priam for the murder of Achilles, Pyrrhus father remorseful due to fathers death and mothers laudius and Polonius C Polonius uses Reynaldo to spy on Laertes Claudius and Gertrude use remarriage; possible Oedipus complex hostSpirit of the late King Hamlet Sets an ominous tone G Horatio, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, and Ophelia to spy on Hamlet ClaudiusCurrent King of Denmark, husband of Gertrude, for the play with his appearance Acts as the impetus Polonius spies on Hamlet and Gertrude amlets uncle, and the brother of late King Hamlet H for Hamlets quest for revenge olonius advises Laertes regarding his appearance to society and Ophelia P Antagonist and source of evil Man of action; Rosencrantz,Hamlets contemporaries Students at Wittenberg about Hamlet Laertes advises Ophelia about Hamlet Claudius advises murdered his brother to attain the throne Opposite of uildensternyet not really bright Controlled by authority figures G Laertes Hamlet advises Gertrude regarding her actions amlet in many ways (i.e., decisive, strongminded, H (e.g., Claudius) Not truly evil; tools of their superiors passionate, and aware of future) Perceptive, The play within the play is used to trap Claudius, as it reenacts the murder Displayed as types common to their position; not calculating, ambitious, and ruthless Understands f King Hamlet o eal (i.e., stereotypes) An inseparable couple; they r uman motivation and knows how to manipulate those h n Act I, the ghost is visible to the sentinels but speaks only to Hamlet I depend upon each other Follow the fashions and around him (e.g., controls Polonius and Laertes) In Act III, the ghost stays invisible to Gertrude and talks only to Hamlet opinions of the day Superficial and foolish Does not let his conscience interfere with his plans Hamlet makes the sentinels keep the sighting of the ghost to themselves HoratioHamlets friend and confidant Student at Wittenberg; Directly or indirectly responsible for the death of all (characters keeping secrets) Hamlet tells Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in cholarly type Person of good character; just and s major characters onfidence that he is not really mad Hamlet tells Gertrude to not reveal c honorable Treated as an equal by Hamlet Serves GertrudeQueen of Denmark, Hamlets mother, wife of Claudius, the fact that he is pretending to be mad as an informer of bad tidings (e.g., tells of the ghost) and widow of late King Hamlet Decent, loving Acts as Hamlets conscience; not heeded oman; innocent of her husbands death Her w ortinbrasPrince of Norway, nephew to current King of Norway, F meekness allows her to accept whatever happens to and son of late King Fortinbras Driven by revenge to Themes her (e.g., husbands death, immediate marriage to regain lands lost by father in battle Admires Hamlets laudius) Easily controlled by Claudius Her love for C EALITY VS. ILLUSION R rincely qualities Feels sorrow for tragedy p Hamlet leads to guilty feelings, as her loyalty is split (e.g., death of Hamlet) Willing to take over the throne between her current husband and her son Does not Truth vs. duplicity nstigate events but she must take responsibility for i OsricMessenger; courier Brings notice to Hamlet of duel Characters pretending to be what they are not consequences Man of position (i.e., superficial, verbose) Despite Use of the play within the play use of flowery language, he is not very bright OpheliaPolonius daughter and Laertes sister Ha
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