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University of Toronto St. George
Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

Monday October 27 2012DRAMA LECTUREWe have to take a huge leap in imagination with new types of drama We will be building bridges among these different types of drama have to point out differences as well as similarities The theatre is about seeing What is truly dear to us The things that are not visible that are not of the flesh In Greek Tragedy we think of the here and now and stuff that is beyond the here and now At the end of The Bacchae Dionysus is elevated into the sky beyond the here and now What does it mean to see What is the visibleinvisible The material and the abstract What are the ritual origins of Greek drama The term Greek tragedy is about a sacrificial goat used to purge Oedipus is a goat he is sacrificed for the good of the people The people come pray at the temple of Apollo and pray for releaseOedipus comes forward and promises to release the people He is then sacrificed for the community pays a very heavy priceWhat is the relationship between theatre and ritual How are they alike How are they different To what degree can we think of magic or not What is ritualA ritual has a structure that is repeatable the ritual has been done multiple times over time We know what to expect and we know what to do A ritual is something that doesnt just happen in your head Something outward that involves words gestures movements of the body music certain clothes certain foods symbolism use of things that represent something elsehere we have a connection between the material and the spiritual the visible and the invisible there is a leader of some kind there is a hierarchy of
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