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Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

March 11, 2013 – DRAMA LECTURE The Evolution of the Avant-Garde Play Reviews: Don’t use extensive citation, do very basic citing. Use Chicago Manuel Style for citations. Where do you assert your personal opinion? Explain why or why not the play was successful, not just why or why not you liked it. Take a moment to really dig into a specific scene (the lighting, the way the characters relate to each other). Dig in! Give a quick synopsis in the beginning (only a paragraph). Only write 4-5 pages! The professor will not read past 5 pages. This week, we will all go to the playhouse for the tutorial. The Avant-Garde is huge! John Cage’s Water Walk, composed in 1959. He uses a lot of random things to make sound (bathtub, broken radios, steamer…) Cage says that theatre engages both the ear and the eye, his music does this as well. This is similar to the epic-music drama. Avant-Garde:  Dates back to the Middle-Ages  Used in military language to designate the advance troops of the army  Used in the arts originated during the Renaissance (Etienne Pasquier: “the avant- garde: or, if you prefer, the forerunners of other poets” 1560)  Or, 17 May 1863, the opening of the Salon des Refuses in Paris (organized by painters whose work was rejected for the annual Paris Salon of officially sanctioned academic art. Appealed to radical intellectuals, advance guard leading toward a liberated future)  Distinct connection to political activism, radicalism (transforming politics into a creative occupation -> instituting change both in art and in politics. Art became political). th Michael Kirby (scholar in mid 20 century): “’Avant-garde’ refers to a concern with the historical directionality of art. It implies a rear guard or at least the main body of troops following behind”. Richard Schechner: “What Kirby identifies is the energy source and connecting link holding together the disparate movemen
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