Lecture notes Notes include some notes on stinbrid, and begin to discuss Oscar Wilde "importance of being earnest"

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Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Allen Akerman

Drama Lecture StrinOne principle of modern drama is not about holding mirror up to nature it about intensification of our conditionHe believes that irrational material can now be present apart of thee material and texture of the play and presented wo apologyIrrationality is a part of the human experienceMood is very important in his dramaTheme and varation certain motifs are used in the plays in strins plays the binding is represented as a motif Themesimply to live its to guilty death reps the settling of accounts it reps the after death experience he takes us on a journey into death steamship bells reps the start of his jounrney dead counsel and a young student talking bout a child who disappeared symbolic rep of space multiply direction unite moving into deeper space penetrating the mystery of our heart masks are dropped death or funeral in each scnthe house signifies diff thingshumble sees
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