DRM100Y1 Lecture Notes - Orgasm, Tennessee Williams, Method Acting

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Drama Lecture - Monday, March 14, 2011
Tennessee Williams (1911-1983) - A Streetcar Named Desire
brechts works are concerned with explaing historical contexts
Glass Menagery was his first famous play (Williams)
his plays represent clashing realities, a lost world, how do dreams shape the
in the play, every reality is shaped by certian forms of language, rhetoric, social
A Streetcar Named Desire, there is actually a streetcar in New Orleans
fostor a relationship between realism and expressionism in the play
method acting, encouraged actors to respond dramatically to the text
this play present us with 2 characters who also represent 2 ideologies through
2 diff styles of acting, represents 2 models of theatre; method acting style
kazam saw play as a classical tragedy
the play forks around metaphors
Williams begins his play with an epigraph
reading is a sort of subject of the play itself
the set design: the exterior (immediately sets us up for sense of tension of what
is inside or outside), on a street in New Orleans, faded white stairs
importance of music in this play, lyrical environment
multiplicity, pluralistic reality
the blue piano represents the spirit of life that goes on there
blantchs and mitchs entrance is significant
characters do real like stuff in the play, in a way turn their back on the audience
at some points
vital to understand the representation of space in this play
this play is like Ghost Sonata because it is about interiority, since you move into
deeper and deeper places, outside, the house, then hyacinth room
in this play too we begin outside the house then goes into deeper places
a rape happens in this play
what does privacy conceal? there are good and bad things about privacy
central emphasis in this play is the poker game; indication of different focus
expressionist: strong inner feelings about objects and rep life as modified or
distorted by the painter Vangohs version of reality
setting boundaries is very important, how do you set boundaries to protect the
play raises questions of exterior vs interior experience
blanch loses her home and wanders for a home
streetcar is continually moving
what does desire mean,
play initiated a new dramaturgical form that combined expressionism and
alcohol has a number of functions in the play, it also enables us to get into
Blanchs dream world, this refers back to the Dionysian religion of fun and
fulfillment and sexual orgasm way of thinking
there is something wrong with the structure of the dream to begin with
appolonian signifies the sun, and a kind of serenity; whereas dionysian signifies