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Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

Drama March 16 Streetcar named Desire y 2 diff modes of theatricality going against each other y 2 forms and style of drama in the play y Stanley has Dionysian characteristics y Drinks and alcohol is within this play just like the Dionysian religion y Movement when stella says to blanche that Stanley is the only one in his grouped that is going to go somewhere and shes says why and stella says just look at him y Blanches very name means white y There is a ghostly quality in the play y Is a story the same as a lie or does a fiction maker make truth more true y Quality of expression that refers to Vango which is that his brightyly coloured interiors relate to inside someone head y The theatre is a made reality both a fiction made out of words and a material reality made of tables and chairs and bodies of actorsy Stanley and blanche are competing for stellas sympathy and the audiences too y Play is generated by conflict y Stanley has made a life with his wife who loves him and Blanche comes and puts him down y Veterans of the war like stnley has come back and i son the rise y Stella is a star the intentionally comes down y Stella is the idea of purity y Stella becomes preg with stanleys baby y As long a
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