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Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

Miss Julie Drama Lecture 2 y StrinNaturalism an attitude towards experience y He imagines us as a part of the interior space y Symbolism symbolism regarded by its components as a spiritual knowledge y Naturalism attacked the aspects of materialism symbolism rejected all these y Counts boots appear persistently on stage there always theretheyre more than just plain old boots they take on power becuz of jeans imagination they r external images of jean they have symbolic value for jean they are there to remind us that the counts power is exerted through the bootsthe count never appears on stage but u can see his power thru the boots y The play reps evolution of naturalismsurvival of the fittest y Movement involves continuous confrontation between aspects of the self whether its masculine or femininity y The war between these characters are like a war between self y Well made play offers wholeness continuity y Mj is very compressed nd complex y Mj suicide not brought about anything
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