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Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

Drama LectureMon March 21 2011Samuel Beckett 19061989we become conscious of time only when we are bored how do you become conscious of timehe was an irish novelist poet dramatist he wrote in French he wrote for technological advancements because he was interseted in it his work is also about failure to be an artist is to fail failure is his world fauilure of meaning failure to express he was a post modernist sort of an extension of modernism breaking down of structures in which people make sense of the worldtheatre of the absurdhe won the nobel prize for literature in 1969The expression that theres nothing to express nothing with which to express nothing from which to express no power to express no desire to express together with the obligation to expressSamuel Beckett Three Dialogues depth is not there it is an illusion nothing in the play happens twice compulsion to talk is a social compulsionoscar wilde and beckett are similar they went to the same high school in Dublin word comes up so many times in The Importance of Being Earnest the over importance form they play games verbal game playing just passes the time between the cradle and the graveHamlet is a great theatrical game player too he doesnt necessarily take action one can argue that there is way in which hes caught up in theatrical game playingthis play by Beckett is metatheatrical beckett recognizes that we all want to think each of us has an interior life but that is a projection of our own needhow theatre investigates the problem of knowing stuff these characters seem to have no historyidea that we are all constantly changing molecular structures change in ten years you still have to same name but a
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