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University of Toronto St. George
Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

Drama Lecture Mon Feb 7 2011Test Friday Feb 18write essay different themes weve read talked about important thinkers in this period of our course lessing schiller berkson ideas of character relationship bw ideas and texts Strindberg preface is required reading in Miss Julie articulating a manifesto about naturalism should have actors that dont just face audience but cook a meal and turn their back on audience naturalism more realistic presentationholding mirror up to nature governed by sort of philosophical occupations idea of evolution were shaped by heredityenvironment character shaped by who ur father was ur upbringing ur classits not just that were shaped by environment but its like comparing people to animals why should we feel any pityfear find joy in coming to understand lifee struggles Strindberg says theatre should make us aware of these things this is naturalism according to thinkers like Zola Strindberg defies categories Miss Julie hes presenting us with other aspects of drama that go counter with naturalism such as symbolism such as counts boots and we have the dreams Jean dreams of himself climbing up a tree and Julie dreams of herself falling down the tree how do ideas and dramas mutually illuminate each other Berk is interested in what makes us laughStr
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