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Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

Tartuffe Notes Md Pernelle seems to dislike everyone calls her grandson a foolinsults Elmire she spends to much money dresses to impress other men cheating maybe shes a good mother even if she is deadinsults Cleante by saying he doesnt care about moralsPernelle praises and defends Tartuffe against those who oppose him Tartuffe is the one whom ppl in the household should listen to and if they provoke him Pernelle will not tolerate itshe believes Tartuffe can show ppl how to go to heaven what they shud doDamis doesnt like Tartuffe calling him a tyrant and refuses to listen to TartuffeDorine says that Tartuffe was just a beggar of money and hes poor and itll be a disaster to allow him to be the master of the houseDorine thinks the neighbour doesnt like them and that the neighbour is a nice woman who doesnt deserve to live next to them a bunch of noisy pplshes growing old and age is overtaking her appeal her beauty her appearancePernelle says that all this commotionstarted because Elmire allows for servants to talk in the house Pernelle says they shouldnt have a say in anything or give their opinion or advice on anythingPernelle acts like Tartuffe is a godCleante says that Pe
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