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University of Toronto St. George
Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

DramaMarch 14 Streetcar named desire y Tennessee Williams 1911 1983 y Glass Menagery was his first play yIn this play every reality is shaped by language dramatic form and special structurey Fosters a relationship between realisms and expressionism y Play presents 2 characters who also rep 2 ideologies thru to diff style of acting reps to models of theatre y Classic drama y How do u rep human interiority The multiple realities while repping a naturalist reality y The plays forks around metaphors y He begins his play with an epigraphy The play is in a broken world post ww2 2 atomic bombs took off in japan at this time y The set design Exterior sets up tension at the beginning of the play in the epigraph yFaded white stairs refs the central characters well constructed set y Importance of music is in the play lyrical env piano is playing it expresses spirit of lifelots of voices overlapping in different languages languageform of art y Blantchs and mitchs entrance are significant they both have diff entrances but both mean something significant y This play and MJ play similaritylong pauses within the play y Class drama is she is trying to get out of her class and move up the ladderbeing played out in hedda and this play heddaBlanch rep the interior lives of these women ghost syntra is a play about interiority so is this play Hamlet speaks about interiority as well open
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