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Drama lecture Mon Mar 28 Death and the kings horsemen y Sharinka says its not about a clash of cultures maybe its about the assimilations of cultures y Clash of cultures is an issue in the play y Several scenes in which u can see the clash of cultures as the problem in the play y Men have more power over the women in the pay and at this timey Modern African theatre play y each culture mimics the other in the play y play with very festivecelebrative attributes drums playing etc y it has an emphasis on the connection and collectiveness of the communitysociety y the play opens in the market and sharinka uses the play as a celebrative scene and community place very significant it is the centre point of life itself and connects the cultureswars markets serves as the threshold of existence it reps the cycle of coming and going living and dead March 30Drama y A theme of the play is human will and death y The plot of the play can explain what could happen and what did happen this distinguishes sharinkas poetic art y Death for alesians is not the final con
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