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University of Toronto St. George
Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Alan Ackerman

Drama Class Notes translations are always interpretations art holds the mirror up to nature reflectiveSept 12Drama comes from simplicity simple basic questions Develops what is inside the mind ex To be or not to bewho am I Reflection of a reflection of the truthCourse questions the assumptions one has on theaterFunction of theater sparks inflames passions that we probably shouldntRelationship between character and plotAristotle quote Tragedy from PoeticsAudience defines theaterCharles MeedThe key to thinking is being selective create a structure that makes senseWe live in an age of infinite information to know that information is not to thinkSept 14 Asks basic questions Entertainment didactic inspiringMode of world creation mimesisPlato 429347 BC School of Athens by RaphaelAristotles teacher Critique of theater drama and art give a degraded version of the truth abstract ideas are in a different realm how do we get to the truth Didnt like dramas yet he wrote dialoguesAristotle 384322 BC Agreed that the highest experience of human existence was realism Did not accept Platos idea of ideal forms Plot proceeds according to probability Lyceum Treats drama like he would threat physics Lectured to studentsPoetry and rhetoric Reason ration emotionControlled conscience thought Poetics descriptive or prescriptive Drama and theater are models of thinking being selectiveSelection of the details are rational completePoetry is how things might unravel history is what actually happenedPoetics descriptive or prescriptiveBeen an impact since Renaissance Initiates serious thinkingmethod to define terms imitation important plot character thought dictionplot is the structure of the actioncharacter has habitual actions death of a salesman is not a great tragedy because it has a simple plot that does not involve Peripeteia and Katharsis together Poetry imitation through language rhythm and harmonyDrama to do Ch 15 painters should make the picture more attractive to make it more grand and spectacular appealing Tragedy is imitation of actions it is complete has magnitude fear and pity cause the events does not separate emotion and feelingMeans object matter Mimesis truthful action gives an imitating action formProcess not a realm as Plato thought Good drama will promote not thwart Cause corruptionBoundary of human action and thought Katharsis rids passion pity or fear moral rather than medicalSpectators see how tragic emotions fit into a harmonious world Characters have choice choice determines action o Plot more important that characterTragedy ignore the element of ethical success fate overrides itWhy pity and fear characters become relatable understandable dramas social rolePity alone creates sentimental drama not tragedyhuman vulnerability that comes from fear creates the tragic aspect language gives structure helps understanding the rules are arbitrarythe theater becomes a subject to the theme of the drama Sept 19 Atmosphere affects the play storyOrchestra main stage surrounded by ramps rows most of the plays entrances and exitsChorus vital 1215 individuals who stayed on the whole play sang and danced the choral odes may chant with actorsRehearsals civic dutyPatronage wealthy man paid for performanceCrisis means decisionagonconflict protagonist antagonist chorus bonds the audience showshelps them feeltranslations are always interpretationscharacters are destroyed not necessarily dead
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