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University of Toronto St. George
Center for Jewish Studies
Vasilis Dimitriadis

How was it possible for the French Revolutionary army to defeat Prussia France vs. Prussia Prussia withdrew on the duel Declaration of Rights of Man – Every citizen was obliged and asked to fight for his own state, not the KING All citizens with the same rights, under the law = equality Revolution offers independence This French revolutionary army – voluntary, not organized Fight for the interest of the state Nationalism…the Germans are coming (not just Prussia), we must fight for France! From this time and this place, a new echo was starting – 25 years for Europe to respond Revolutionaries wanted the natural frontiers, the RHINE. France won Belgium and Austrian Netherlands Paris urges the army to keep going and protect catholic minorities everywhere, i.e. Dutch All in the name of liberty, equality, revolutionary – offering every minority the fraternity and assistance – pretext for army to take more territory Europe would not allow these excuses to gain more territory Revolutionaries do not care about the rest of Europe, since they defeated Prussia and Austria British attitude = sympathetic, positive The French revolution- seen as spreading liberalism in Europe, a mirror image of their own Underestimated impact in Britain – If Britain was concerned about Belgium…they were alarmed BoP – Ideological, religious, excuse would not excuse them from the BoP Dutch intercepted the letter, asking whether the army and liberate the catholics from Dutch Copied and sent 1 to Britain and Hague France wants to take the low countries – Issue for Britain France issues decree – Fraternity and assistance -Mid December – Mandatory for French to liberate suppressed minorities France opened up Shelf River which was closed since 1648… to trade gold Napoleon – opening = pointing a gun on head of Britain Britain has no right to aid Dutch By opening up, broke all previous treaties
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