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University of Toronto St. George
Diaspora and Transnational Studies
Kevin Lewis O' Neill

DTS200Y Lecture October 2, 2012 Essay question: due October 23 How does the study of diaspora and transnationalism provide a different perspective on the world? Different types of diaspora  Labor  Trade  Imperial  Victim Mythological Process When moving passed the nation  At what scale should we think? Scales of analysis  Local  Transnational  Global  International  National  Diaspora  State  Affective (The Nation is always the basis of analysis) Nation Imagined  A sense of unity  Ex: We will stand by Canadians even though will never know every Canadian Isomorphic Relationship (Camaraderie)  Language  Map  Census  New paper  Nation  Currency  Place  Museum  Culture Surprisingly Has taken place since nations have gained density is an isomorphic relationship established between nation, place and culture Social Imaginary  There is an assumption that there are breaks between countries Representations in the social sciences are dependent upon images of break, rupture, and disjunction Transnationalism Transnationalism focuses attention on flows and counter flows and the multi- stranded connections they give rise to. It encompasses not just the movement of people, but of ideas, of citizenship, of technology, of modes of political organization, and of the impulses of markets Diaspora “Diaspora” refers to the relations between homelands and host nations fr
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