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University of Toronto St. George
Diaspora and Transnational Studies
Kevin Lewis O' Neill

DTS200 Lecture #7 Feb 26, 2013 Social media Facebook - The word create- To Create Yourself: Oprah lecture from last week o Facebook allows you to create yourself o But the better word is curate- to curate yourself  Ex: Museum o The matter of curetting  Because Facebook is multi-mobile: feeds, updates...  The different dimensions are an aspect of curate  Some people are better in curetting themselves than others  Most people know how to select but they are not fully conscious of how to curate  Those who curate themselves end up having the highest level of social capital.  Offline sociability- meaning you have curate yourself so well on Facebook that you are invited for example to speak. - The stream of consciousness function in Facebook o Ex: the people who post things all the time doesn’t mean they are not selective to what they post. Because they may post everything but they would not post something which exposes them to embarrassment. Sometimes this disguises what they actually want like attention. o The stream of consciousness is a type of migration of self presentation of one’s-self.  Ex: some people curate their life as if it is a reality show. - Social movements and humanitarian causes found on Facebook o Clickivism and hashtagism - Gossip into organizational storytelling o Now it is called organizational story telling o Since you do not want negative rumours about yourself on the grapevine you curate yourself so good rumours are out there which block the bad ones o Organizational story telling has to do with who is a crude power directly or indirectly in an organization  Ex: swooshing the boss, or showing up to the Christmas part in a suggestive dress  All organizational story telling have to do with the anxiety of power  The function is to generate awareness about the ethos of the organization, ethics...  Typically they are not in any document.  Now Facebook has morphed organizational story telling into another dimension  There is another way of curating by the things that one likes. This is a way of giving a sense of how they ar
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