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University of Toronto St. George
Diaspora and Transnational Studies
Kevin Lewis O' Neill

LECTURE 1: JANUARY 8 -there was a something between the US Patent and Trademark Office -there was a case against RiceTex and US Patent, to patent basmati rice in the US, so US could exclusively sell basmati rice in the US over 2000 stores in the US. Not only to sell, but to grow, so if you wanted to grow, you had to ask permission to grow it -basmati, is a particular rice grown in Punjab, and should enjoy the same protection such as Cognac, that is patent in France. All India Exporters Association attacked the US patent about the argumentation. There argumentation was supported with the Taj Mahal, you can’t put a taj mahal any where and call it, this is illustrating authenticity. The taj mahal is a labour of love and work, and like such basmati. Such basmati, is a labour of work and love. In the end India won. -much of the rice that Rice Tex was going to tropical food shops-Indian stores -food stores are noodle points for the diaspora in the US -who controls the diet of these diasporaess or who profits from it -consumption- diaspora identification has to do with reproduction of cultural ora -cultural ora and its relation to material objects, ex. Africans and African outfits- dashekehe -chopsticks- chineesness-cultural ora and materialistic -co-ethnic identification- is not always exhibital, ex. Jews in Toronto, when something happens in Austria to Jews, though even though they don’t have family, they feel the need to help aid -difference between diaspora and transnational community is the prescence of co-ethnic identification in diaspora, for ex. Gays and lesbians form a diaspora, because they are essentially a minority, they are rather transnational community because they object....through issues. Another example is green peace, they are transnational but not co-ethnic -diaspora combines an interest in social science and humanities perspective 1. Migration Studies -‘methodological n
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