Indignity and Diaspora

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University of Toronto St. George
Diaspora and Transnational Studies
Kevin Lewis O' Neill

DTS200Lecture 2winterTuesday January 15 2013 Indignity and Diaspora From Achebes Arrow of God work of fiction what we can take out of the chaptero The confederate foundations of Umuaro collection of villages and the acephalous form of political leadershipConfederation made up of different tribal groups with different authoritiesAcephalous means they dont have heads kings or chiefs The governments are done through a collection of tribal heads therefore the government is based on consensus First among equalNot a hierarchy But once a society is acephalous the way that they negotiate conflict are different than top down societieso The incorporation of the landscape market and riverlandscape is spiritually incorporated into the worldThe landscape is invested with spiritual content o This is and example of aboriginal societies Ex canada landscape is something other than human passages This is important because it is a shift from the European society o Europe landscape is empty but in aboriginal societies this is not the caseo The internal dynamic for leadership selectionmy father told me this is like putting what you are saying in quotation marks this gives the statement authority because your father would never tell you a lie Ignores the implication that his people migrated from anywhere NomadsPresents of colonialismThe different in account of perspective nomaic vs sedentaryo The debate between divine right and new meritocracy o Timelines nomadic vrs sedentary modes of settlementSedentary is opposite from nomadicA wonderer worse than migrantsOne is migrant power and one is claiming migration as a negative point We have a claim to the land because we are the sedentary ones not the wonders The second account claims nothing to colonialism It is colonialism which alters the tip for which people now claim land Migrants are opposite to indigent people
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