Defining Diaspora and Transnationalism

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Diaspora and Transnational Studies
Kevin Lewis O' Neill

DTS200 Lecture #1 Sept 11 2012 Defining Diaspora and Transnationalism - Movement and belonging o Diaspora  Meaning “roots”  Speaks about home and host countries and their relationship to one another o Transnationalsim  Movement of people, tradition and language - The idea here is that the nation state does not organize our thoughts o For instance how to we understand the world  What is our perspective and what shapes that perspective  At the core there is the understanding that maps demonstrate what the world is and how the world is understood. o The dominate understanding of the world  To many the nation itself is something so primitive to use in the way we understand the world  Ex: when we look at a world map the colours which separate countries, states, and provinces demonstrate the world in the perspective of borders. o Borders  Represent difference, which is an assumption of the world
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