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DTS200Y1 Lecture Notes - Hutchison 3G, Robarts Library, Psychogeography

Diaspora and Transnational Studies
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Kevin Lewis O' Neill

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DTS200 Lecture #9 March 12, 2013
Postcolonial cities- Singapore and ACCRA
- Some people call post-colonial cities as third world
- Key terms and concepts
o Spatial and cultural morphologies
What is the meaning of morphology?
Ex: the professor is running- this sentence has a noun (Professor)
and a verb (is running). Every sentence has a component parts, but
they differ between pronouns or adjective.
Every city has a spatial and cultural morphology, but to try to
understand a city is to count for their special morphologies.
o Land use and land use conversion
Land use means...
Ex: St George- from robarts library going up towards Bloor Street
there is a row of residential houses than Innus College then an
economic faculty. Now if you think about these different buildings
represent different forms of land use. Then the library at certain
times of the year draws to them a lot of people like during exams.
The alterations in the uses of land
o Ex: how does a depressed neighbourhood be rejuvenated?
There are signals of changes if you pay attention to change
Land use conversion has to do with the different conversion of land
Geographers use this as a distinction from green spaces and work
spaces. And usually green spaces are changed into work spaces.
Depending on what city you are looking at there will be a difference
between what is converted into what
o Inter-digitations
This described mixed land uses
Any business zone has a mixture of business and residential- this is in
Toronto for example
How the inter-digitations is shaped is based on what city you are looking at
o Psychogeographies: the denizen, the visitor, and the immigrant
Every city has a psychogeographies
Every city has a different way in which is forms city monuments, some are
public and private
Ex: graffiti
The psychogeography differs between the people living in the city and those
Ex: people from Winsor are excited by Young St.
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