DTS200Y1 Lecture Notes - Transnationalism

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DTS200 Lecture #1 Sept 11 2012
Defining Diaspora and Transnationalism
- Movement and belonging
o Diaspora
Meaning “roots”
Speaks about home and host countries and their relationship to one another
o Transnationalsim
Movement of people, tradition and language
- The idea here is that the nation state does not organize our thoughts
o For instance how to we understand the world
What is our perspective and what shapes that perspective
At the core there is the understanding that maps demonstrate what the world is
and how the world is understood.
o The dominate understanding of the world
To many the nation itself is something so primitive to use in the way we
understand the world
Ex: when we look at a world map the colours which separate countries, states,
and provinces demonstrate the world in the perspective of borders.
o Borders
Represent difference, which is an assumption of the world
However do these borders actually exist?
How do nations come into being?
- Methodological nationalism
o Our goal is to de-centre this
- Flight maps
o This type of map is a different way of understanding the world
o Organized by corporate organizations not governments or nations like the colour map.
- Mapping the world differently
- There are 2 different definitions
o Diaspora
Involves the shifting relations between home and host nations from the
perspective of those who have moved whether voluntarily or not.
o Transnationalism
Attention on flows and counter flows and the multi-stranded connections they
give rise to
Encompasses movement of people, ideas, citizenship, technology, politics, and
impulses of markets
- 1st Short paper
o Due Oct 23rd
o 250 words MAX
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