DTS200Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Imagined Communities, Eurocentrism, Transnationalism

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DTS200Y1 Sep14th
social imaginary
Imagined Community
Methodological nationalism
geographical proportionally
< Social Imaginary>
" The ways people imagine their social existence, how they fit together with others, how things
go on between them and their fellows, the expectations that are normally met, and the deeper
normative notions and images that underlie these expectations" (2004:23)
Charles Taylor 2004:23 Modern Social Imaginaries. Duke University Press
how we fit together by some of expectations (very powerful words)
there are tons of social imaginaries. -> phots of grandparents and grandson: no branding polo
shirts, motherhood.
series of normative assumptions.
social imaginary did not come from nothing.
Early 20century late 19th century.
parallel construction.
< Pablo Picaso (1909) >
titled: factory
the cold ton.
factory industrialized.
Uniform base.
cold and bold
no motion.
palm tress located in global south -> laitin america? braizl? South Africa
blocking images
<Igor Stravinsky conducts final of Firebird> (1910)
form of the representation
structure of the sound.
separated in to sections.
blocks of sounds.
blocking (earth picture-. map)
" A linguistic system is a series of differences of sounds combined with a seires of differences of
ideas," Ferdinand de Saussure (1916):
the idea of tree/ and word, tree.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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