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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Earth Sciences
Christine Burton

GLG205 J 7 June 8 In steady-state conditions, for each reservoir the inflow = the outflow - Proportions remain the same - If X1 = X2 then you have steady-state conditions Global change - E.g. more carbon dioxide being put into the atmosphere that it can remove The Carbon cycle - *be able to describe and mention relationship of short-term, medium-term, and long-term cycles - The most important reservoir for carbon is in sedimentary rocks o Also relatively more carbon than other elements in all reservoirs - Carbon flux into oceans from atmosphere and back(fast [1-10years]) - Some into sedimentary rocks(very slow) - On land, carbon used in photosynthesis for plant growth (very quick process between biosphere and atmosphere) o Some stored in plants and soil o Decomposition of dead organic matter emits carbon dioxide o Some carbon released into rivers from land - Sedimentary rocks provide long-term storage of carbon - *carbon cycle o Boxes and circles represent the reservoirs o Shows the process which carbon moves from one reservoir to another reservoir o Sediments -> atmosphere = organic matter is oxidizedlimeston
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