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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Earth Sciences
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Christine Burton

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GLG205 J 9 Climate is influenced by 5 components: Potential causes of climatic change over the geologic past - Shape and location of continents and oceans How has the atmosphere changed over time? - Oxygen as a waste product of Cyanobacteria Sunspots - Inhibit convection because of magnetic activity - Sunspots have an (approximate 11 year cycle Orbital parameters - Perihelion J when earth closest to sun - Aphelion J when earth furthest from sun o Northern hemisphere summer o Result in not all the ice melting during summer - Axial tilt J how much the earth is tilted Orbital fluctuations - L] ]ZZ Z[ - ]o]o~}o]]Z}oo[ - @]K}]Zo]}L~ ZZ]}LZ}o[ Eccentricity - 30 percent greater than Obliquity - More tilt means more severe seasons Precession - If a hemisphere is pointed towards the sun at perihelion, that hemisphere will be pointing aay at aphelion, and the difference in seasons will be more extrem
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