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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Earth Sciences
Christine Burton

Glg205 J 10 Concern about environmental issues: - Personal health o E.g. lung cancer, eutrophication effects on fish so what are we doing? - Sometimes the action is fast and effective (e.g. CFCs) - Sometimes the action is not so effective and slow (e.g. global warming) Policy hurdles - Lo]]Z9Z]L2ZZ}L[ZK}Lo Ozone - Note when 0 fo3med in the atmosphere (about 2.5 million years ago) o Slightly after atmosphere was oxygenated - Note how 0 forms in the atmosphere 3 o Cyanobacteria took in CO a2d produced oxygen o Sunlight hit the oxygen and broke it up into oxygen radicals o They combine to form ozone - Tropshpere ozone is a pollute o Big component of smog - Absorption of UV o Warm air over cold air caps troposphere Stratospheric ozone balance - Ozone + UV -> - Chlorine and nitric oxide combining with ozone to form oxygen - Chlorine and nitric oxide work as a catalyst for ozone breakdown Ozone depletin
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